Seamless Compliance, Intelligent Archiving: One Solution with AI Precision

Streamline Your Client Communications
Review Processes and Mitigate Risks

A Simple Way to Archive Your Client Communications

Archive Intel is an all-encompassing archiving and monitoring solution, powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Our platform effortlessly captures emails, text messages, iMessage for iPhone, social media posts, websites, off channel
communications, and more, ensuring firms meet their regulatory obligations with ease and efficiency.

One solution for all archiving requirements

Archive and Monitor iMessages for iPhone, Android texts, Emails, Social Media, Websites, and Chats. Export your data, run reports, bulk reviews, saved reviews, automated blacklisting of domains, and more.

AI options to save time

One easy and efficient solution to save you time whether you're utilizing our AI options or simply reviewing through our enhanced user experience.

Automated and streamlined review system

Cut your review time in half. Effortlessly conduct random reviews ranging from 5% to 15%, perform searches, establish customized filters, and execute bulk reviews.

Simplified archiving to save you time

Archive Intel was built to save you time by offering easy workflows, a modern user interface, and an amazing client experience.  

Review everything on one page or add your own filters and saved searches to reduce redundancy.  

Our AI option will update non compliant text in real time editing any flagged key words that will in turn minimize or eliminate the flagged review process.

FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory

One simple solution at a reasonable cost

Archive Intel is a SaaS based solution where you can select all or specific ecomms connectors that fit your firms needs starting at $99/month for the first three connectors.

With the increase in regulatory awareness around text messaging most SEC and FINRA regulated firms start here as well as email and website archiving.

Social media connectors are available for personal and business archiving depending on the app.

We have you covered!

Stay Compliant- iMessage for iPhone

iMessage for iPhone, Android, WhatsApp, Chats, Texts, SMS, Messaging apps, we have you covered. Segment your contacts.

Artificial Intelligence

AI options are here to help regulate ecomms in real time and help reduce any non-compliant communications from being sent in the first place.

Transparent Pricing

Be aware of what you're getting up front and free of any surprises.

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“We love AI!  It’s the most simple and cost effective archiving and compliance solution for RIA’s and financial advisors.”

Andrew Evans

Rossby Financial

“Best archiving tool I’ve ever used.. and you can’t beat the cost.”

Nicholas Gudz

Succession Link

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